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Praise Continues for the Maxeff Motor by Adventech

Adventech is focused on becoming a global solutions provider, answering the call for truly efficient motors that finally addresses the reactive energy waste factor.”

— Ron Ballman, CEO


MARCH 29, 2021

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International Award Recognizes Adventech’s Environmentally Clean & Profitable Solutions

FLORENCE, AL – Shoals-based industrial technology solutions provider, Adventech, LLC, today announced the company had been awarded designation as a Solar Impulse Solutions Provider by the international Solar Impulse Foundation for successfully bringing its efficient technologies to market and positively impacting the world’s energy demand.

The Solar Impulse Foundation seeks to recognize those solutions providers around the world that are both clean and profitable and have a positive impact on the quality of life. The multi-phase award process was the result of rigorous assessment based on a verified methodology and against several criteria performed by external independent experts.

Adventech CEO Ron Ballman said “This award by the Solar Impulse Foundation is recognition of the hard work, ingenuity, and commitment shown by everyone here at our company. We are proud of the profound global impact our Adventech technologies have on energy efficiency and usage.”

The internationally diverse Solar Impulse Foundation is headed by Bertrand Piccard, visionary and pilot of the world’s first solar-powered airplane to circumnavigate the globe. Other foundation members include Sir Richard Branson, Prince Albert II, marine biologist Silvia Earle, astrophysicist Hubert Reeves, oceanographer Don Walsh, environmentalist Al Gore, and filmmaker James Cameron.

The Solar Energy expert assessment found, “A comparative experience made at a Coca Cola facility between conventional motors and Maxeff’s ones has revealed that Maxeff’s motor is 20% more efficient than the conventional ones. In other words it reduces the KWh consumption which means less resource needed to supply the electricity, for the same kind of use.”

The Foundation’s expert assessment concluded, “A reduction in start-up current/power plus an overall improvement to the efficiency of the induction electric motor will lead to direct energy savings. These energy savings will have a direct impact on the reduction of resources needed for electric energy production, such as fossil fuel, natural gas, solar and wind power.”

The award came just after the release of Adventech’s March 2021 Maxeff motor performance verification by independent laboratory Advanced Energy. In that third-party testing, the motor’s performance was shown to be even as much as 30% more efficient than traditional industrial-grade electric motors without sacrificing necessary torque.

Ballman added, “Our Maxeff motors and technologies have delivered millions of dollars in savings over the 8+ years they have been in service around the globe, with more than 3,000 Maxeff motors with companies as varied as Solvay Chemical, Smelter Services, North American Lighting, and Miller/Coors.”

Induction Drive motors in the industrial market sector alone account for as much as 25% of global electric power consumption. Acknowledging that elimination of electrical waste and improved efficiency has a global valuation of billions of dollars, it is the reduction in grid dependency that has Adventech most excited.

Ballman concluded, “This Solar Impulse Foundation designation gives international credence that Adventech is providing real solutions to energy and carbon emission issues. Our technology does more work for less money, all the while resolving the waste factor…it is that simple.”

Adventech, LLC is a technology-driven developer of the Maxeff Electric Motor Generator (Patent# 10,903,770) and is committed to developing innovative, efficient technologies and devices for 21st century industry. For more information about Adventech, LLC and the Maxeff motor generator, contact Adventech at 256.712.5783 or by email at

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