Acclaimed Author, George H. Hassanzadeh, Praised by Kirkus Reviews for His Latest Book

George H. Hassanzadeh

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 8, 2021 / — Acclaimed author, George H. Hassanzadeh has been receiving rave reviews for his book, “First Comes the Mosque.” “First Comes the Mosque”, is a rare book that challenges its readers to consider what their silence is costing us all. The book is an urgent message about mosques, terrorism, lies, and deception in the Shiite colt. George Hassanzadeh possesses an uncanny ability to zoom into a particular issue and hold it within his grip until it is resolved. He approaches the most important issues with honesty, vigor, clarity, and common sense.

“I made a life-altering choice working on this most vital and alarming subject, states Hassanzadeh. “It is because I know the world is imminently in danger and at the same time wholly innocent of the true facts and figures. Islam is not a system to respond to people’s spiritual needs, but a compulsory dogma set to govern, and that no national ideology should stand in its way. I have become the voice of the voiceless. I am the gate, the gate-keeper and all that’s behind the gate too. I take the responsibilities seriously and the realm remains mine.”

Legendary Kirkus Reviews praised the book and regards it “is one of the best in its field.” “George is clearly an expert on this topic and has a unique points of view to share, making this a valuable book, especially at this time,” states Kirkus Reviews. “Hassan’s command of the historical and theological materials is notable; his nuanced disentanglement of the Shiite and Sunni Muslim traditions is especially illuminating. In addition, he’s finely attuned to religious hypocrisy, the ostentatious expression of virtue that conceals the practice of vice.”

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George H. Hassanzadeh, born and raised as a Shi’a Muslim in Iran, is the author of ‘Iran: Harsh Arm of Islam’ and newly released book ‘First Comes the Mosque.’ Hassanzadeh is recognized as an expert in Islam, Shi’a, Shari’a, and the infallible Arab Shiite clerics forcing medieval rule and a system of mind control in 21st century. George H. Hassanzadeh is a U.S. Army Veteran and lives in California, U.S.A.

“I have never back down from a challenge; in fact, I have gone after them,” concludes Hassanzadeh. “Many Iranian writers have met midnight executions at Tehran’s Evin infamous prison for writing a fraction of what appears in this book First Comes the Mosque turns Iran’s Arab Shiite tales and religious assertion back on themselves to expose their parable origin, the dark side of much revered Shiite imams, and the travesty lurking behind their image.”

He exposes the devastating facts skillfully supported by statistical evidence and analysis that speak for themselves. George H. Hassanzadeh using their own words against them, takes on the Islam, the Shiite elite, and the issues in the most talked about book in the Islamic world.

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