A Virtual Storage System Described

A online storage system consists of a set of disk pushes each with portions of the data place. For example , documents E1 and E2 could be different amounts of a consumer data established. Additionally , tape memory sticks may be provided. These storage systems are designed content to work together with host computers and offer a variety of features. Listed here is a more detailed explanation of a online storage system. You can use the information presented in the following paragraphs to make your decision.

Before, users had to determine the maximum file size and find the magnetic storage space medium. This practice almost often results in overestimating the quality and the amount size. The user must then produce decisions to be able to best make use of available space. The present advent eliminates this trouble. Besides avoiding unused space for storing, the electronic storage program also improves reliability. This kind of storage program can provide the performance and reliability you require for your organization.

The virtual storage system of the present invention is made up of a control processor and a main random access memory 32. The processor markets the procedure of the disc user interface stages 26a… 26n and a host interface stage twenty two. The latter also includes a memory with respect to the control processor 34. This control is a central processing unit in the virtual storage system and sells the features of the hard disk drive and number interface stages. If the digital storage strategy is a hardware, it should incorporate a CPU.

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