A paradigm shift in cybersecurity that avoids the inescapable traps of traditional technologies

deRaconteur shares with the cybersecurity community the conceptual completion of Soutache. Networks finally include physical objects in the composition.

TAICHUNG, TAIWAN, March 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — deRaconteur is proud to share with the cybersecurity community the conceptual completion of Soutache. It is an original theory breakthrough that, for the first time, includes physical objects without electronic components into networks to improve and expand the scope of cybersecurity.

The old networking concept relies on a fixed URL scheme to make itself recognizable and accessible to the end-users. This traditional approach, a necessary evil, has two unavoidable conceptual loopholes.

1. The network URL is stationary and public knowledge known to both the intended end-users and the preying hackers. These networks are sitting-ducks in nature.
2. Cybersecurity has not progressed beyond the traps of ASCII passwords. Oridinary networks employ ASCII passwords that are icy and cumbersome for the end-user to remember. The only phenomenon is never-ending practices of lengthening and de-humanizing ASCII passwords with random characters.

The paradigm shift proposed by deRaconteur with Soutache introduces the following concepts:

1. Physical Passwords & Physical Encryption Keys – are the practice of using data collected from physical movements, attributes of physical objects, and physical environments as passwords, encryption keys, and triggers that unveils the existence of secure networks. As a bonus, they also emotionally engage end-users at a level higher than ASCII passwords.
2. Physical Uncertainty Principle – is a new concept in URL scheme composition method that allows the randomization and spontaneous construction of URL that lives for only the split-second it requires to make content delivery.
3. Physical Impossibility Principle – is a borrowed legal term that applies to the design concepts of security topology. Physical objects introduced into Soutache succumbs to the impossibility of appearing simultaneously at two locations during the construction of physical passwords.

These concept modules combine to construct a new type of network that is previously impossible. This network with new DNA braids the physical and cyber worlds beyond the scope of the virtual-physical continuum.

deRaconteur invented three original technologies to put Soutache into practice:

1. QiRkey is the concept of using standard QRCode as basis and uses stegnography to encode physical attributes as a password, an encryption key, the physical encryption algorithm, and acts as a physical password input device. It is aesthetically crafted and blends into the physical world as art pieces.
2. Philocalist is a software framework for mobile devices. It performs the functionalities of QiRKey with physical objects and turns any smartphone into a trigger for networks and a Physical Password input device.
3. Mizpah is the concept of Random Spontaneous URL. It is made possible by manipulating the physical attributes of server files generated at the moment of delivery and disappears as soon as the delivery is complete.

Visit: https://soutache.deraconteur.com for details.

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