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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: A New Era Of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy In America To Follow Announced Partnership Of Logic Inbound And SWSNA

As shockwave therapy ambassadors, we know that now is the right time to scale our US presence to reach more healthcare providers to enhance the safety, quality and convenience of home-based services.”

— Ryan Hansmeyer- President, SWSNA

ROCKVILLE, MD, USA, March 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — U.S.-Based biomedical healthtech network SWSNA has announced plans to expand their United States presence, following a year of continuing growth in which the company’s half-year revenues increased three-fold, showing significant increase annually.

SWSNA, a Shock Wave-dedicated technology company that helps clinicians specializing in integrated practice for pain relief and impotence clinics in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, incorporate novel biomechanical shockwave products, has announced a major new partnership with digital marketing firm Logic Inbound.

Logic Inbound, the Seattle-based marketing agency, specializes in a number of internet marketing services suitable for medical businesses, will be working with SWSNA to optimise the commercial success of newly developed Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) devices across the US through prescribed direct-to-patient avenues to support chronic pain management and erectile recovery.

The collaboration will work with top doctors around the country to assist and motivate novel treatment of acute and chronic health problems outside of the hospital environment; under indirect observation by local HCPs. We’ve accomplished this by introducing digital resources to improve patient success, unlike many unsafe pain relief interventions of pharmaceuticals and invasive surgeries. Logic Inbound will be integral to SWSNA by connecting several new performance and rehabilitation devices with high-performance athletes- a concept that has already proved to be popular across most of Europe.

SWSNA Founder and President, Ryan Hansmeyer, said:

“Last year, millions of Americans that suffer from chronic symptoms like neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, back pain, and erectile dysfunction, were forced to abandon their care during quarantine. Public fears have only amplified the urgency for innovative medical solutions capable of helping more doctors to provide modular care directly to patients, even with unexpected disruptions in healthcare. As shockwave therapy ambassadors, we know that now is the right time to scale our US presence to reach more healthcare providers to enhance the safety, quality and convenience of home-based rehabilitative services.”

Covid-19 has set the framework for how unforeseen events, like a natural disaster or pandemic, can interrupt US healthcare systems. The need for more remote services and affordable in-home shock wave devices, like the EDX2 (Flūent) and MiniWave Pro (ESWT Pro) can bridge our care gap for medical businesses and patients restricted from travel or who live in remote locations. Our partnership with Inbound Logic is designed to promote real solutions to biotech pioneers throughout the entire medical industry. The SWSNA distribution network can provide these and other bioelectric therapy devices at scale, reaching those who need highly-effective, non-invasive solutions from the comfort and privacy of their own home, office, or fitness center.

Shockwave therapy devices are playing a major global role in changing the way medical professionals and patients approach chronic pain and rehabilitative management.

The treatment involves delivery of acoustic sound waves to injured soft tissue through point-and-click handheld systems, which assist to eliminate pain while promoting accelerated healing, reducing the need for over-the-counter medications, and potentially harmful narcotic painkillers.

One of our recent additions to join the SWSNA membership is Dr. Jennifer Miller, of Rockville Health near Washington, DC. With an extensive background in biomedical sciences, functional rehabilitation and alternative therapies, Dr. Miller joins hundreds of providers across the country to access safe treatment alternatives for neuropathy and impotence, both in office and at home.

On joining the Shock Wave Society, Dr. Miller said:

“Above all, my patients expect and deserve results. We are already starting to see a huge shift in the way many patients approach their medical care, with more autonomy and a greater sense of control demonstrating changes that has frankly caused many clinics to shut their doors. I have been so impressed by SWSNA being the most transparent and reasonable partnership out there. Unlike the medical franchise models that charge $100,000 or more to join, SWSNA ensured that I was using the very best shockwave device available to meet my clinic based needs- even before signing up. They gave us a wealth of clinical knowledge, live training, and open-source access to marketing solutions proven to get my message in front of the right patients at just the right time.”
-Rockville Health

SWSNA has entered the value-based healthcare movement with their comprehensive list of healthcare providers and specialists. As people become informed, advocates for wellness reform, the healthcare industry has a responsibility to respond to consumer demand for change by acting as ambassadors for health-conscious, integrative lifestyles.

With aim to accomplish Series A capitalization this year, SWSNA will next take aim at a 24 -month strategy; including more free resources for doctors, an ESWT A.I. algorithm for home-users, and a promotion of affordable access to reliable, warrantied, and serviceable, shockwave therapy devices.

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