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Durable EZ Pools for Dock Diving

Despite the growing demand for more Canine-Centered Pools like Dog Dock Diving, EZ Pools has stepped up to meet this demand.

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA, USA, March 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — EZ Pool Products offer made-to-order durable portable pools here in the United States. Last year, 2020, dog purchases were off the charts. “Our vet offices are now running 7 days a week to keep up with the need.” Says George Makar, a southern California veterinarian operating three locations. “We use to operate normal business hours with half days on Saturday, now it is seven days and longer hours. Everybody bought a dog last year.”

And this has put a demand on dog-centric pool uses as well. “Every year we sell about 10-15% of our pools for dogs specifically.” Says Simon LeCree, sales manager for EZ Pool Products. “This year we have already seen an increase in the demand for dog pools by a factor of 200% compared to previous years.”

Dog dock diving pools are a great competitive activity for dogs. As the name implies, dogs run and dive off a dock to see how far they can go. “In the past, NADD advised using a 22×42 pool for this activity.” Says Debbie Miller, a dog specialist based in New York State. “This year they are recommending 47′ and 52′ long pools. Dogs are jumping further.” Thankfully, EZ Pool Products (www.4ezpool.com) has that size.

“We have a tremendous amount of experience in this space.” Says Hank Jr. of EZ Pool Products. “Whether it has been for residential use, commercial use or competitive conventions that roam the country, our pools are perfect for this type of demand.”

Made here in the USA, EZ Pools uses only American-made components. The material is very similar to the military inflatable boats, so highly durable for all types of use. Each pool is made to order and is easy to set up and takedown. Although designed as a portable pool, customers over the years have come to rely on EZ Pools to replace traditional concrete in-ground pools. “Our pools are just as durable but a lot more flexible.” Adds Hank Jr.

Despite the growing demand for more Dog Dock Diving pools, EZ Pools has stepped up to meet this demand. “We use to joke that once the parents set up their EZ Pool and throw the hose in to start filling, the kids go in to play.” Adds Simon. “And the dog is clawing on the outside yelping ‘I want in. I want in.’ So yeah, our pools are more than durable enough.

If you are looking for a Dog Dock Diving pool, go to www.4ezpool.com and check out their link, “Dog Pools.” Over fifty sizes to choose from, with complete packages available.

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