2021 NAMM – DW Announces the Release of DW Music Foundation in partnership with Zero to Drum

DW Announces the Release of DW Music Foundation in partnership with National Association of Music Merchants and Zero to Drum, all about drums and drumming

LANSDALE, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Drum Workshop (DW) announced the DW Music Foundation launch (DWMF) during the 2021 NAMM. DW is one of the biggest manufactures of drums, pedals, and hardware. It makes some of the best drum sets on the market.

The award-winning company has been at the forefront of music charities for many years. And this new venture is aimed at offering music to some of the underserved communities across the world.

It’s not the first time DW has invested in such a venture. For many years, the company has been supporting music-related charities. It donates instruments and educational resources to everyone who needs such.

The company offers mentoring and resource collaborations aimed at fostering an appreciation of music as a life-changing idea. Through such initiatives, we can see many upcoming musicians receive funding and encouragement to pursue their dreams.

Zero to Drum is all about drums and drumming, as it is a specialised website that sells drum sets, acoustic, electronic, electric drums & drum accessories.

As one of the best online drum shops in the USA, Zero to Drum, together with Electronic Drum Advisor, Kickstart Your Drumming, Music Radar, and Drum Helper, proudly offers, promote and review DW products.

Forming DWFM will allow the company to build a stronger legacy. It places them in the best position as a company that connects and gives back to society. It will go a long way in expanding its impact as they continue their support for the organizations. Besides, this is part of a host of other activities under the DW’s support, including outreach, health & wellness, scholastic music, and arts programs.

According to DW’s VP, Scott Donnell, DWMF will allow the company to formalize its charity efforts and cement some long-time partnerships. It’s the best stage for connecting with other organizations towards the same mission.

The DWMF will have a special group of business and market leaders on its board of directors. These will include Don Lombardi, DW founder and president and CEO, Chris Lombard. Also, it will have Michell Abrams as the Executive Director. She will also be in charge of efforts to establish the foundation under self-sustaining entities. Abrams is quite familiar with non-profit organizations, fundraising, and events management. That makes her a precious asset to the group leading DWMF.

Abrams confesses that music and philanthropy have always been her passion in life. And this organization is “…an excellent opportunity that will open a lot of doors for many.” It is not every day that we get to meet such opportunities, which means this should be ideal for giving back to the community.

With this release, DW will continue to expand its roots in the industry as a market leader. Those who have the will but lack the means to grow have something to smile about.

Perhaps the best way to explain this is by considering the company’s vision. It’s dedicated to creating a world where music and arts are accessible to all. The team has been working to allow everyone to get the tools and resources to learn and enjoy music in their life. They have been doing this through their support for music education, where they bring experiential, hands-on music to those who cannot access it easily.

DW has been supporting musicians, music educators, youth, health & wellness grounds, and many others. Through DWMF, they will be donating drums and accessories and music resources. Besides, the team supports programs and events in line with their mission.

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