2021 Celebrations With More Purpose and Less Plastic

The Favor Loft launches a website proposing 2021 couples celebrate with wedding favors that are eco friendly & thoughtful vs plastic trinkets for the landfill.

CHEROKEE, IA, UNITED STATES, March 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — If we earned any lessons in 2020, one should definitely be that Mother Earth enjoyed her break from the over abundance of everyday life as we know it. While we’re all happy to be inching our way toward celebrating, a sobering fact remains from our past. Weddings in the USA alone create more that 400million tons of trash per year. We can do better. The Favor Loft recently launched a consumer shopping experience aimed at helping brides and grooms-to-be make more responsible choices. Shoppers can order plastic free favor bags, seals and tags, all custom created from recycled materials that can be paired with a delicious consumable treat and later composted or recycled after use.

Located within the walls of a an old brownstone print studio in the fresh air of the Midwest, the mission at The Favor Loft, is to steer an industry of “junk” toward an industry of purpose and thoughtfulness, by creating a line of eco friendly wedding favors. Founder, Carrie Lux, who is an Iowa small town girl, recognized the need when she entered the wedding industry as a side hustle over a decade ago. “Consumers were eagerly buying up plastic bottles of imported bubbles and little tulle bags of colorful but cheap wrapped candy that guests couldn’t wait to throw away after the event. I saw money being wasted and landfills being heaped high with useless little trinkets.”

Lux was certain there had to be a better alternative to offer to couples preparing to tie the knot. The Favor Loft’s product line encourages couples to work locally with a
food vendor they love, or share a special family recipe baked fresh for their guests. “We can help you create memorable, photo worthy favors that everyone will enjoy, and ideally, leave not a crumb for the landfill.”

Lux concludes with the statement the company was founded on “We craft small things with a great love for our creator and the Earth we have been given.”

Learn more about the brand and view their product line at
www.thefavorloft.com today.

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